The Teaching methodology at kindergarten is a combination of Montessori, play way and experiential learning approach. Mary Ann offers a comprehensive and a balanced curriculum, which is designed to make learning enjoyable, preparing every student for higher challenges. Story-telling, puppetry & drama sessions help students in unleashing their imagination and creativity.


The primary school (Grades I to V) follows a customized syllabus based on American psychologist Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences. Spatial, linguistic, logical-mathematical, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist elements are incorporated into a well-rounded curriculum, such that every student can excel at whatever he or she does best, while improving any under-developed areas. Key areas that the primary school curriculum stresses on are listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; building a strong foundation in English, Mathematics and introduction to the subjects of Science and Social studies.


The approach towards the curriculum is trans disciplinary, where learning is based on real-world context and students question. The child engaged in continuous exploration is able to create his own ideas and perceptions. Project-Based learning with student-centered activities, where students learn through research and reference is encouraged. Group work enhances learning by collaborating as a team. This method not only encompasses a new approach to learning, but also teaches students teamwork and collective responsibility- a valuable life skill.

Continuous assessment aligned to learning outcomes is carried out through projects, assignments, class test, group activities, term test etc. Apart from the subjects taught, the teaching methodology considers a student’s academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural need, while delivering an integrated curriculum. Role plays, skits, play readings, debates, discussions, story writing, creating newsletters, brochures and participation in subject focused club activities form an integral part of the curriculum.


The curriculum facilitates the process of discovery through an interactive teaching-learning process where the freedom to question becomes the nucleus of learning in a classroom. The classroom becomes alive with thought provoking questions and answers. When it comes to Higher Secondary, the focus is on concept clarity and exam preparation where by students are given rigorous training on time management and presentation. Individual attention, motivation and proper feedback on performance is given to get the best out of each student.

Discipline is given utmost importance at this stage. As a child approaches adolescence and begins to tread the path of life, he/she needs constant motivation, a watchful eye, appreciation and at the same time, a lot of love and care. The energies of the children are diverted towards positive activities; aptitudes are identified, encouragement is given in all spheres and personal counseling is also provided. There is a remarkable change in personality, in intellectual capacity and in behavioral patterns.


Mary Ann provides quality education inan innovative and positive learning environment which fosters the academic social , spiritual and moral development of each student. Mary Ann is committed in developing the character and individual personality which are inherent in him / her through a sound education.