Club Activities

Participation in the CLUB ACTIVITIES is a very important tool for language development and it is highly encouraged at Mary ann. We have literary club, Science club, Social club, Maths and Computer club, Art club, Interact club. The tools used to foster development are guided reading program, show and tell, role plays, drama, songs, poetry, story-telling, essays and short story writing. These pave way for self-expression. The students are taught and encouraged to go beyond the books and apply the concepts taught to real world problems. The school curriculum lays due emphasis on experimentation as it enhances the understanding power of the students and makes the subject interesting for them. The club activities enable students to become aware of the community and nation, and duly understand their roles and responsibilities towards the society and community.


Mary Ann provides quality education inan innovative and positive learning environment which fosters the academic social , spiritual and moral development of each student. Mary Ann is committed in developing the character and individual personality which are inherent in him / her through a sound education.