Trip to Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari 30-08-2019

An educational tour was arranged for the students of grade XI and XII for two days. The students and teachers started by 12.00 am on Friday 29th August 2019 after the prayer. They reached Thirparrappu falls and had their breakfast. The children went to thottipalam, a long narrow bridge constructed between two hills. It was very high from the ground and view from the top was very spellbinding. The Students went to Padmanabha Palace, reputed to be the largest wooden palace in India. Wherever they looked, could see smooth dark wood panels and staircase. Then they went to the Muttum beach. The water was shimmering and it was a wonderful sight. All went back tired and happy to hotel at Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. On the second day they got up early in the morning and rushed to the beach to see the sun rise over the sea. It was enjoyable watching it rise. After breakfast they were allowed to shop near the beach. The students were also taken in a boat to the vivekananda rock. They were given life jackets for the boat travel. They visited the meditation hall and headed for the beach. They saw the three waves from three different directions crash together. After spending an enjoyable time in the beach they boarded their a bus to Papanasam in Tirunelveli district. They enjoyed visiting the Agasthiar falls located on the western ghats. The trip was a way of enhancing and modifying their knowledge and building the bonding with each other and improve the social and life skill.


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