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Mary Ann provides quality education in an innovative and positive learning environment which fosters the academic , social, spiritual and moral development of each student. Mary Ann is committed in developing the character and individual personality which are inherent in him / her through a sound education. An optimistic management & experienced faculty form the backbone of Mary Ann. We create innovative and knowledge based society with positive attitude through concurrent teaching methods. The veteran educationists Mrs. & Mr. Jayapaul paved the path of offer a contemporary education for future generations to thrive and flourish in this competitive world. Teachers encourage innovative, interactive and active student participation, helping every child to comprehend learning. The love for learning in a child is induced by the teachers who show love for teaching.



You were the first School in the Southern Region of Tamil Nadu to conduct Assessment I by giving question papers along with answer scripts to the parents and test has been conducted under the supervision of the parents. This shows that you have great confidence and trust about the parents and students. Question papers are nicely compiled and well determined.


Student Name: G. Dinesh Kumar,
Class: V
Parent Name: Mr. Ganesh

As per our Observation, teachers are putting their maximum efforts to make the online classes more efficient, innovative and productive. I wish and appreciate the efforts taken by all the Teachers and Management staff during this Covid 19 situation.


Student Name: S. Aswin Meyappan,
Class: VI
Parent Name: Ms. Devi

We really appreciate the way in handling such large number of kids online and acknowledge everything. This Assessment is also very much helpful.


Student Name: A. Vihashini,
Class: UKG
Parent Name: Ms. Meenakshi

Let me thank the Management and teachers of Mary Ann for their tremendous input towards the students during this lock down period. Implementation of online classes is successfully going on./p>

Student Name: K.P.Shreiya,
Class: VIII
Parent Name: MS. Padma Priya

It is highly appreciable of you in giving the parents to conduct the cycle tests under their supervision. Both children and parents could learn the value of being truthful even when an opportunity for malpractice is at hand.


Student Name: R. Rachel Sushanaa,
Class: VIII
Parent Name: Dr. Priya (LDC Prof.)

Teachers are well trained and highly dedicated. Classes are utilized properly by the teachers with very effective teaching skills.


Student Name:E. Sharon Joanna,Class: VIII
Parent Name: Ms. Deepa (Teacher)

We are happy to be the new member in our School. The Online classes are going on in a well-structuredmanner and we are happy about this. The way you have decided to conduct the exam is fine.


Student Name: Guru Mithran,
Class: XI
Parent Name: Mr. V. Gowri

This Assessment system is very useful and helpful and it is also improving the education of my daughter. In this Covid -19 situation our School Management has been continuously taking various steps. We thank you for your efforts.


Student Name: K. Pavithra,Class: IX
Parent Name: Ms. Pandiselvi

It is very happy to note that you and your teaching staff have taken initiative steps to run the School Smoothly. Online classes for students are very nice.


Student Name: V. Harshidha,Class:XI
Parent Name: Mr. K.R. Vijaya Baskaran

I would like to appreciate and thank all the teachers for their effort in conducting assessment for our children. It was meticulously, planned and neatly executed. Great job teachers! Thank You


Student Name: I. Enoch Denis,
Class: IX
Parent Name: Ms. Beena

My Son has improved so much since the start of the online class. He has a lot of confidence and always feels happy. Teachers are very friendly and approachable. I think this school is good for my Son.


Student Name:M.Helwyn Mark Raja,
Class: X
Parent Name: Ms.JEBA BENITTA

I know this is the first School for conducting Assessment online with question papers in hand.


Student Name: M.Mabel Victoria,
Parent Name: Mr. MUTHU KUMAR

This is really a good idea. I didn’t expect this kind of exam.


Student Name:A. Naveen Harish,
Class: IX
Parent Name: Mr. Alagu Pandian

They are excited all day to attend the online class. We are happy and satisfied by this step of taking online classes. We are grateful for the arrangement of online class. Thank You for the efforts taken by the Management and the teachers.


Student Name:V.Lawrance,
Class: XI
Parent Name: Ms. Kalarani

Congratulations to all of you who have worked tirelessly and dedicatedly to reveal the superiority of Mary Ann School during the Corona. You are doing unparallel job.You sculpt and create students without working time.


Student Name: Meta sherli,
Class: XII
Parent Name:Mr. SELVARAJ

The time duration for the online classes is very useful. Process through Zoom and also conducting the formative assessment was very helpful to revise the lessons during this period, I thank again for your great effort.


Student Name: F. Innin Snow Ria
Class: X
Parent Name: Ms. SOPHIA

The best School in Madurai is Mary Ann and the teachers are also well talented and they are teaching the subjects in English. We love the School very much than the other schools.


Student Name: S. Akshara Shri,
Parent Name: MS. KIRUTHIKA

I am a gifted parent and I feel better that this school is the best, when compared to the other Schools. I am thankful to Mary Ann for their efforts to make our children’s life glory.


Student Name: V. Dhanusri,
Class: VII

Teaching Staff are well Cooperative. They clarify our doubts when we call them over phone, about the Assessment. We came to know about our kids growth in studies.


Student Name: S. Harini,
Class: UKG
Parent Name: Mr. Siva Kumar

We are glad that we choose Mary Ann for our kids.


Student Name: N. Kanishka,
Parent Name: Mr.NAGARAJAN