Welcome to Mary Ann
Primary School

The primary school (Grades I to V) follows a customized syllabus based on American psychologist Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences. Spatial, linguistic, logical-mathematical, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist elements are incorporated into a well-rounded curriculum, such that every student can excel at whatever he or she does best, while improving any under-developed areas. Key areas that the primary school curriculum stresses on are listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; building a strong foundation in English, Mathematics and introduction to the subjects of Science and Social studies.
Student-centered Approach

The student-paced format allows the child to take their time on more challenging concepts. Interactive, high-quality, research-based instruction. Students explore the concepts and inquire and reasons out the answer which in turn creates life long learners.
Students are enriched with the reading and writing skills and will legibly present their text by presenting it neatly.

Values and ethics

The core values of Mary Ann are Discipline, honesty, and integrity. Students develop discipline from the foundation stage being disciplined is more essential for better education. Discipline plays a vital role in a student’s life to be responsible and respectful. Discipline is an important behavior in life. It is a character trait that is crucial for expressing many other attributes in life.

Spoken English

Learning English improves the quality of life and broaden the horizons of life.
To build confidence in the individual we make the campus as the Tamil free campus except for the Tamil classes. Literary clubs improve their conversation skills and make the students speak fluently. Students converse in English and gain the confidence to march ahead in life.

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