Welcome to Mary Ann Kindergarten
The Teaching methodology at kindergarten is a combination of Montessori, play way and experiential learning approach. Mary Ann offers a comprehensive and a balanced curriculum, which is designed to make learning enjoyable, preparing every student for higher challenges. Story-telling, puppetry & drama sessions help students in unleashing their imagination and creativity.

Phonic sounds are the stepping stones in the early years. Phonics is incorporated in the class to gain phonemic awareness it helps our children to read and spell words accurately using sound and letter relationships. Students learn phonics with picture cards, matching, online games, etc, and develop their language fluency in reading and writing without difficulty.

Psychomotor learning

Psychomotor activities are carried out to gain good physical development, balance, and coordination. The play-way method imparts education in the form of fun and frolic. Children engage actively and have constructive learning with various activities like threading, beading, coloring, jumping, hopping, etc.,

Experiential learning

Students are engaged through interactive activities, songs, games, and hands-on projects to create independent learners and intense knowledge and retention. Engaging students in hands-on activities kindle’s student’s critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. In addition to academic skills such as reading, writing, and counting, learning activities help students to develop and cognitive skills like focusing on a task.

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