Extra Curricular activity


It’s physical! It takes our children lot of courage and energy to get out and get moving. Skating promotes confidence, body balance and a huge boost for a child’s self esteem.


Health and wellness and character education is the basic theme of our school. We focus on educating the whole child, mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutic postures, breathing techniques of Brahmari Pranayama, Surya Namaskaram and so on helps the children see the beauty and light within themselves.


Not only is music fun but develops a child’s social skills from early on. There are a lot of additional benefits that our children may benefit from by learning to sing.

Regular voice lessons and practice sessions develops concentration, determination and self discipline as students improve in complex hand-eye, hand to hand and right-left brain co-ordination that greatly increases their ability to multi task and also enhances complex brain activity, spatial cognition and fine motor skilled activities such as typing and writing.

Many of the world’s greatest minds are honed by their classical music education.


The traditional dance of Tamil Nadu is combination of melody, expressions and rhythm. When our children learn this classical dance form and perform with absolute concentration, it is as beneficial as yoga.

Our children enjoy their practice sessions with professionally experienced teacher helping them improve their body balance, develop flexibility and concentration.


Giving our students the opportunity to engage themselves in dancing and importantly learn its benefits is our focus. We train them in all dance styles such as hip-hop, B boying, Locking, Popping, Housing, Krump, Free style, modern Contemporary, Cinematic style, Aerobics and fitness, gymnastics.

Participating in the above helps our children increase their self esteem and confidence and also learn about their body, improving posture and balance.

Their benefit is not only that of increased exercise but is routed in technique and giving the opportunity for creative outlet.


To get our kids active and moving, the traditional okinawan style of Karate named Goju Ryu is taught.

Karate and Kobudo training promote not only physical strength, but also contribute in the building of character through the incorporation of ethics in the child’s personality such as respect and courtesy. Our young Karate practitioners are taught the Kobudo kihon techniques and the kobudo Katas in different weapons.

Almost any child can, and will benefit from participation in the martial arts.


We focus greatly on our children developing a taste for learning and mastering the game of chess.

It is a well known game that fosters logic, critical thinking and creativity. We are immensely proud of our students achieving state-level awards, which encourages many others to follow.


Playing the keyboard makes our children happy, healthy and strong willed. Children who play an instrument learn how to keep a positive outlook when facing difficult tasks.

The understanding that mastering a new skill is a process that requires patience helps children approach tasks with confidence and not become discouraged or frustrated.